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Joseph Anthony
2 min readFeb 6, 2022

“ME — LIVE” (#9)

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This is my finest Comedy hour. Not at all!

The quality is pristine. I recorded it on my phone!

It was a pumped-up crowd, on a sold-out Saturday night. It was a calm group, of “about” two hundred people, in a 964-seat theater, on a Sunday night!

So why the hell is he publishing this clip?

In full disclosure:

  • I have been consumed by a few paid-freelance writing jobs, so this was an easy out for me this week.
  • As one who never records anymore (but should), I happened to have hit record one night, during the fall of 2021, and thought a little Stand-Up Comedy would be a fun break from all this technical talk about Stand-Up Comedy. Besides, if you are a budding Comedian, you have some work to do, utilizing my last eight publications.

I promise you, as I tend to write this newsletter from this “Shaman-ish” POV, that barring this mediocre audio clip, I have been quite amazing over the course of my extensive career. I’ve checked many of the boxes that I write about. As I have alluded to throughout — I have always been more focused on the performance at hand, rather than the career path ahead. Kinda’ Stupid of me! Alas, cursed with an obsessive personality and purist, artistic blood. That is why my next feature will be on …

“CABLE TV SHOOTS “THE BOOM” RIGHT IN THE FOOT” (a working title). The latter is our precursor to the all-important, all shallow, all confusing, world of social media and its impact (or lack thereof) on Comedians.

Now, put your ear buds in. Stay tuned. Share. Thank you! Oh, and laugh.

Below is the clip - over on Substack -as I’m pretty sure Medium still does not have an audio function:

“ME — LIVE” (#9)

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