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Joseph Anthony
1 min readJan 10, 2022


The link/photo below, will take you to this weeks “audio version,” complete with post Covid voice!

When last we spoke (12/20/21):

“Here’s the deal with finding stages and getting on them … you WILL get frustrated! Unless you just simply love making someone laugh (or only smile — depending on attendance) and have absolutely no desire to become a monster act, earn money, and advance your career. Folks, we’re going into a part 2 with this newsletter. You’re tired of reading, and I must go and buy a Christmas tree. At the top, I brushed upon, “even earning a little coin.” I will devote the next newsletter to finding work, creating work, and dare I say, procuring work.”

My Bag of Shekels — Money for Funny

(Installment #7 & Audio #2)

Part Deux to: Get Onstage

Next Up (1/24/22) — the most important aspect of being a Stand-Up Comedian and other than being funny, perhaps the most challenging to attain and difficult to explain. Stay tuned for, “Your Voice!”

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