“Guy Walks into a Bar” (a series)

The Artist Journey #4

(a look at inspiration and creativity)

When last we spoke (11/8/21):

RF @Gettyimages.com

The Years I Thought I Knew What Comedy Was

[The Power, Pitfalls, and Use of social media, DEFINITELY WILL be explored in later issues]

It’s Everywhere and Nowhere

Art Imitates Life

WARNING: It is pre refinement, whereas I make a clearer demonstration of why I will soon say an awful slang term in my act. You can rightly accuse me of contradicting my earlier prose, but in time I found the correct way to verbalize my just cause.

Final Words

They wonder why we drink!

We’re crawling towards this mysterious thing referred to as “your voice.” Until then, join me next time (12/6/21) as I expand upon individualism, honor, integrity, and influence versus incident, with — “DON’T BE A COPYCAT!”

Stand-Up Clip (Language)



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Joseph Anthony

Joseph Anthony

Joseph Anthony’s comedy delves into the evolution of the whole human experience. Though not always hysterical, these are his “Crooked Views!”