Politics, why do you care?!

There will be NO politics in this piece on politics!

Crooked Views

By Joseph Anthony

  • These Blogs are “my truths!” I stake no logistical claims, nor research to support my opinions and experiences.

In the words of Comicus (Mel Brooks’ character in Mel Brooks, History of the World Part 1) to Emperor Nero (Dom DeLuise) “Politics, politics, politics,” as he nervously searches for the humor on the topic, in his role as a Stand-Up Philosopher (aka “a Bullshit Artist,” actress Bea Arthur’s characters line). There is no truer representation of what Comicus was experiencing in that scene than there is in the year 2020. It is SO HARD TO DEFINE! With the onslaught of Social Brainwashing … I meant to say Media … (where News is created, by anyone and everyone, as opposed to the details of an event simply communicated without opinion) and its effect on ordinarily good people. Wow, Hitler would be so proud of what technology has achieved with the touch of the Share button. The likes of such Mass Hypnosis, which he adamantly sought after, in his public speeches, scratchy quality radio broadcasts, and news propaganda. So many of you are listening, believing, and vehemently turning on your brothers and sisters.

Don’t you get it? Politicians are “in it” for themselves. Wealthy businesspeople that either got bored or saw a vehicle to expand business ties and opportunities. Sure, there is a small handful that really wants to make a difference, but always end up dropping out of the race because — though well-intended — they run out of campaign money. That is who wins elections — those with the most money. In layman’s terms, the one who puts on the best roadshow wins the votes. This traveling circus needs money to keep it going and being in your face. Do you think those nationwide live conferences, with travel and staff and expenses, are free? Heck no! Those posters, billboards, TV, internet, and radio ads are on the cuff? Fuck no! They have funding and other than their own means — because I might lose so why deplete my wealth — they have huge backers (they are referred to as Supporters, but in “Street terms”, they are really Backers). That backing (aka Corporate America) wants that financial favor returned (wink) and that is why they are throwing money at a particular campaign/candidate. NOW, here is the gist, make no mistake about it, suspend all your beliefs and party platforms, that sentiment is true for both sides of the aisle!

That’s right, I said it. Samuel Adams alluded to it. We were supposed to be a newly united nation and now we are clearly divided by bipartisanship, driven by the media and spoon-fed to us through orchestrated algorithms that incite us. We drive home the message to our children to vote and make a difference. But is it still a government of the people, by the people, for the people? Or is it that the fattest wallet wins the battle and advances their financial and political agenda, while we the mignons fight the war?

Yeah, I know … I got real profound in that last paragraph, so let me bring it back to the point, or the title of this blog, as it were — Politics — why do you care? With all the vicious fighting that I see online, that follows us to the sacred dinner table and AM Diner meetups, each and every day, if you are not some business-oriented mogul, who stands to gain from the private interests sympathy or favoritism, as it were, of your supported official, can you actually find 5 ways … or even 2, that your life has EVER changed (we’re talking in reality here people — so be soulfully and brutally honest) as a result of who was in office? *LOL footnote below

Talk to me about how all the tax breaks made your life so much more rewarding or how all the tax hikes made your life impossible to maintain your status quo. Talk to me about ANY topic on the political trails of history and how it has affected you, on such a deep and personal level that your life has been forever changed as a result. Or is it that when the election’s dust settles, you just put your shoes and hat on and go right back to working, paying, laughing, crying, living, trying, then dying? Are you not the one who works hard to keep food on the table, a roof over your head, and have a few nice things or life events? Are you not the one who tries your best to raise your children right? Are you not the one who does your teeny-tiny little part to contribute to peace, love, harmony, and earthly preservation? Tell me, before I ramble on, how the fuck did Republicans or Democrats (on any level of political office) dramatically changed any of that in your little corner of this great big world? Were the results of your favored elected official so grand and obvious, that you thought, “that was worth losing that friendship or disowning that family member over?”

It is a BUSINESS folk’s and we pay for it, no matter how you twist, turn, or kill each other on Facebook over it. It is a Rock Star level of life, that like any other stratospheric celebrity, most of us will never understand or experience. So why … why then, are we hating each other over these people (that is all they are — people, not demigods), who eat, shit, and put their underwear on (sometimes ahem Bill Clinton) who do not know you or connect to you on the level that you think they are. They don’t care about your needs, struggles, and triumphs. Your opinions though, matter a great deal, because they fuel popularity and popular opinion picks wealthy pockets and that money wins elections!

I am not disparaging anyone from caring, voting, or hoping — it IS a system that could work for the greater good and real changes (what else do we have, but our own heartfelt fruitions anyway). I am just saying do not lose sight of its true purpose and that the ones that we are fighting over, do not really care that we are fighting. In fact, fighting is good (“there is no such thing as bad press”). Do not get swept up in the storm that your belief in ONE INDIVIDUAL HUMAN is worth losing friends and family over!

Finally (& I will be chastised for saying this), but similar to religion, if you “buy it” to the very last letter and detail, you have been nothing short of brainwashed, and begin to judge your brothers and sisters, losing all focus of what really matters in this life … our love for ourselves and each other. Don’t believe me on the devoutly religious and political connection? Then just troll your social media and watch your 24-hour news stations and get back to me. Must I really cite examples?

*With the rare exception of my beloved former NY Mayor, who I think really cared about New Yorkers, Ed Koch!



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Joseph Anthony

Joseph Anthony’s comedy delves into the evolution of the whole human experience. Though not always hysterical, these are his “Crooked Views!”